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Fighting the Good fight

Friday, November 9, 2007

2:43PM - intro post

hey yall. i'm from providence, rhode island. i have numerous toons across the servers. my global chat is @myndtripp. hope to group with ya soon.

Saturday, September 25, 2004


So I'm thoroughly bored with City of Heroes. It's a good game, but here's my problems with continuing to patronize the game.

1) I've gotten to 50.

I've leveled as far as I can go with my main character. And there's very little for me to do otherwise... I supppose I could get the new badges that came out.

2) I've gotten more than 100 badges, there's only 150 in the entire game.

You get them for various reasons, and granted this did take a while to get this many. But still, I have more than I'll probably ever need to meet any sort of requirement for any future easter eggs the game *may come out with. Maybe I should try another character.

3) I've gotten a 2nd character to 37, and a third character to 31.

What's worse is I'm bored of playing my main 3 characters, but the thought of starting a 4th character is kind of revolting.

On a good note, I popped in a mix CD of Hoobastank, 3 Doors Down, Jet, and Metallica, played it real loud and Mowed thru about 30% of Return to Castle Wolfenstein tonight. Had a blast doing that. Maybe I'll start doing that some more, playing NON-MMORPGs. Or maybe I'll just wait for EQ2. Not really sure, it seems that when I grow bored of an MMORPG I kinda have troubles walking away from them, mainly because you put SO MUCH work into them! How can I walk away from something I've put endless hours of my life towards? I don't know if I want to put myself thru that all over again with EQ2. It's MUCH easier with non-MMORPG games. Either they hold your attention long enough to beat them, or they don't. MMORPG games are different, where if you don't succeed in them, you've wasted your time, and even if you do.. you grow bored. :/

Oh well, had fun tonight anyhow with RTCW. :)

Wednesday, September 8, 2004

6:50AM - Vehicles in City of Heroes!

Vehicles are finally in City of Heroes!

Pictures of the first new CoH vehicleCollapse )

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Tuesday, August 31, 2004


Here's pictures from me and Sean's adventure last night. Sean plays a Ice/Radiation Controller and I play a Spine/Regeneration Scrapper. Together we are Keith and Sean Kennephy (our last names are Kennedy and Murphy). Don't be to critical, this is the first time I've done anything like this!

Click here for the adventureCollapse )

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Thursday, July 29, 2004

5:34PM - First entry

I was going through the communities made for City of Heroes and realized that there wasnt one made for the players of New England. Well guess what now there is one. This is my first community so yeah there are going to be a lot of moments like what happened to the site but I'm just getting use to how to run the site. This site is open to anyone even if you aren't in the New England area that was just used to say what area I'm from but yeah. Also the first 2 people to join when I figure out how to give moderating powers you will get them. Till then have fun playing City of Heroes and see ya around.

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